Friday, August 28, 2009

Still No Paint...

Last night was the big Brenham Chamber of Commerce Tailgate party, so I had two assistants for the evening.  (Leslie was running the party, so Marshall IV and VJ hung with me.)  Instead of going over to the house, we went and watched the new star quarterback of the Brenham Cubs Sophomore team make 3 of the touchdowns in his first season game.  Go James Zeiders!  Marshall was disappointed that we didn't get anything "painted" but I have to be honest and say I was a little relieved.  I was worried about getting into painting and getting them both fed, homework done and in bed, all with the energy of a slug.  (Don't sweat, I'm not sick, it's just usual exhaustion from getting back into the swing of things.)  I only have one bedroom primed, not painted, primed.  (Promised I wouldn't paint without my assistants, but do have permission to prime.)  I would like to get a couple of more rooms under my belt before any color goes up.  This way I can put the color samples up in the rooms where I potentially want that color. 

I do have a bid waiting on me at the house on the new windows.  The guy priced out aluminum clad windows and vinyl ones.  Does anyone have any opinions on which ones to go with?  I'm leaning towards the more expensive vinyl ones, but am wondering about other people's opinions.  (on windows...)  Gotta go, I'm headed out to return several things at Lowe's & Home Depot, my two new favorite stores, or at least the ones where most of my money goes...  ;)

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