Friday, August 21, 2009

Changes Are Stirring

(In case you're wondering, I'm a day behind again with the blog due to open house.  Hopefully this weekend I will get back on track on the days, but school starting is a bit hair pulling around here!) 

Jack, the contractor, called yesterday with good news on the nasty ceilings in the master, guest room, and green bathroom.  These rooms all have extensive termite damage in them, causing the paint to peel and look tacky, not to mention the stained ceilings in the master.  He had his drywall guy out and they are going to apply 1/4 inch drywall over the damaged pieces and re-tape and float.  They did look at repairing the damage, but it is so extensive that there is nothing really to attach the patch too because the paper is all gone.  (For those of you who don't know, drywall is a layer of plaster, sandwiched between two sheets of paper.  Paper is a tree product and thus is eaten by the termites.  They don't eat the plaster, but they do make a rather impressive freeway system in it. The current drywall still has holely (sp?) plaster in it, but the paint just flakes off because the paper the paint was on is now gone...)  In one fell swoop he will fix a wall and three ceilings, allowing me to get started painting and hopefully look at moving in sooner!  (For those of you wondering, Jack did check the studs in the wall and they are fine.)

Due to a slow time, the drywall guy is going to give me a GREAT deal.  I'm going on the whole faith thing that it just worked out that the guy that I needed was available right now.  There are a TON of things that I want to do in the house, built-ins, custom treatments, remodeled bathrooms, etc.  I so don't want to spend my time inhaling drywall dust, ESPECIALLY from the ceiling!!  (You blow white boogers for a week and that's with a mask on!)  For a mere $200 plus materials, over the cost of the other rooms, he is going to go ahead and drywall the entire kitchen for me!  That means this weekend I will be prying massive amounts of paneling off of the walls and spend next week wiring the kitchen for electricity  (If anyone wants to join, I'll be there!)  Mom suggested saving some of the paneling and using it as wainscoting in the kitchen.  I love the idea.  It's a really pretty paneling, almost tongue and groove, with evenly spaced panels.  Nothing like the rancid paneling of the 80's.  I'm just not in love with the idea of painting the paneling and leaving it in the house...  (Sorry Can)  I'll let you know how the rest of the weekend goes...

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