Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Holes, Both Good & Bad

The pictures attached show the newest additions/removals going on at the house.  Jack, my GC (General Contractor,) came in and opened up the wall for me, creating a much larger opening into the kitchen from the living room.  In the process, he removed a pocket door which will later be moved between the laundry room and the kitchen.   I love the new opening and can't wait to see it completely finished out and painted. 

Speaking of paint, I was able to finally get in a prime the master bedroom. (PLEASE do not tell M4.  He will be MAJORLY upset with me if he knows I "painted" without him.  You know it was priming, and I know it was priming.  He'll never buy that line.)  The primed walls look fabulous.  Clean and white now instead of stained and torn up.  It was worth every penny spent on drywall and the wonderful looks I'm going to get tomorrow at work with my fabulous new hairdo.  Note to self:  wear a bandanna on head when painting ceilings...

There are some other pictures attached that are a bit scarier than the pretty hole in the living room.  Those are of the back soffit and fascia boards.  Jack's crew came in and tore off the aluminum siding that was up there, holding water next to the wood.  They repaired the damage and have replaced the aluminum with Hardi-Plank, a cement board product that has venting holes built into it.  Eventually this is what I would love to have the entire house re-sided in, but until then it's going to be a bit by bit process.  It appears that the gables might also be getting a new look soon.  They too have water damage and need to be repaired.  Jack is coming on Friday to see what that is going to cost me.  While costs are mounting and MOUNTING, I still feel that this is the house for me.  Little by little I can update and redo, making it my own.  I just have to be patient that while I cannot afford the new windows right this minute, I can have a safe roof over my head.  I guess its all a matter of perspective. 

I would like to do a huge shout out to Dad & Sar for coming up today from Houston and working majorly hard in the two most important rooms in the house, the bathrooms.  Dad replaced the sink faucet in the green bathroom and removed the water damaged base to the vanity.  Sar, bless her, got into the NASTY pink bathroom and scrubbed it to within an inch of it's life.  It is now safe to use the bathroom to wash your hands and the toilet if you must.  (It's not a water saver.)  The shower is still off limits due to a shot shower pan, but the green bath will hopefully have a shower head soon.  Thanks guys!

On a completely random note, my fifth year of teaching started yesterday and I'm just not sure about these kids yet.  They are sweet and talkative, but they're not last year's group.  Granted, I know last year's group gave me fits, but it's amazing how quickly you forget the headaches and just miss the kids.  (Not all of them though.)  I realize this happens every year and as soon as we're into a routine, it will be better.  As of now, I need to get to bed seeing as I have my first day of morning duty.   I'll let you know what happens next, both with school and my house.

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