Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am a Killer.

No, I'm not confessing to murdering someone, just somethings, several somethings. For several years I worked for my older sister as a florist assistant during Valentine's Day and other flower heavy holidays. These times always felt like a huge treat for me because I LOVE fresh flowers, green plants and gorgeous landscapes.

Once again, spring has sprung here in Texas, (94 yesterday!) and the local big box stores have a plethora of incredible plants, bulbs and seeds just begging to be brought home to thrive. In my head I see all of the blooms covering my house, filling my empty flowerbeds and adding sweet perfume to my home. Instead of the beautiful yard I picture, this is a much more accurate version of reality.

This was once a incredible poinsettia once upon a time. What happened? I killed it. This is where it comes that I kill things. Poor innocent plants and I cannot keep them alive for any time whatsoever. Does this mean that I don't continually try, year after year? Ha! Money down the drain, but I do purchase more and more plants each year. This year, instead of buying tons of plants, I limited myself to one plant, a camelia and seed packets. I chose a double bloom camelia which strongly resembles a peony, my favorite flower of all time but doesn't grow down here.

In several other containers and a long bed at the back of my patio I planted a zinnia, parsley, and basil seeds. It's not exactly impressive in pictures, but the beds are clean and clear!

Just a short week later, I noticed these green sprouts in my back flowerbed. Whether they're weeds or zinnias, I'm thrilled and can't wait to see what comes of them!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blessings Abound

I sit here on Tuesday evening exhausted by today, yet feeling incredibly blessed with all that has happened lately in my personal life. This weekend I was lucky enough to spend a quiet evening with a close friend working on my built-in shelves. It was fun to start and finish something in the same time period and then sit and enjoy a conversation with a friend. Saturday I attended an incredible wedding of another friend. Lindsey and Joe (Lindsey's Whismy's) were wed under huge trees outside of a old hall way out in the country. The entire evening was themed in antiques and comfort. Guests were greeted with cookies, lemonade, pinwheels and antique handkerchiefs. Between the breezes and the resounding "Yes" from the groom, it was a gorgeous evening! Wishing you all the happiness in the world, Guys!

Sunday, my mom and I headed out to a nearby (relative term here) antique fair known by locals simply as Warrenton. It is a huge antique show that runs for miles literally through cow pastures in the countryside. Even if you went all day every day of the fair, it is highly doubtful that you would be able to see each and every vendor! The vendors sell a bit of everything from beheaded dolls (not kidding) to French furniture, to vintage hardware to current clothes to purses to the all important kettle korn, which was the true goal of me going. It is a great experience that changes each time you go.

As we left the car to find treasures, I handed my mom my car keys and my debit card, in case I found the perfect table for my living room, or at least I thought I gave it to her. Approximately an hour or so later, I received a phone call from my brother asking me where my debit card was because some lady had called him claiming to have found it. Turns out that I dropped it right next to my car and an absolutely precious vendor happened upon and thought it was a hotel key. Thankfully she took a second look and picked it up. With a quick or not so quick google search in the middle of a pasture in the middle of the country, she located my brother who blessedly is in the phonebook. (I don't have a landline and thus am not in a phonebook. Most of the time this is a good thing.) Jon, while supposed to go to the nearest Sam's to get diapers an hour away, didn't go and was home to get the call. He took the message and called me. I called Anita, the super woman who found it, we soon had a time to meet so I could get it back. Within an hour, I had my card back and the only payment Anita would take is to invite me to visit her booth in Round Top. So, if you're at Marburger Farm in Round Top, stop by the Buffalo Gals booth (B12) and please repeat my gratitude! (On a side note, in case someone got my card before Anita picked it up, I did cancel that card and have a new one reissued!) (On another side note, we did find a table, but I don't have my camera handy and am too tired to locate where exactly I cleaned it up too. Pics will come later.)

Today after arriving early at work, I checked my email. On a typical weekend I go through my favorite blog stops and catch up on all the news and sign up for blog candy. Guess what?? I won and I won big! Cathe Holden is an incredible creative lady who had a great SWAG giveaway from her sponsors on her site Just Something I Made. If I am reading her blog correctly, I will soon be the new owner of a Land's End bag filled with tons of goodies. I cannot wait until it arrives!

Then, to top off everything else, I discovered a GC to Home Depot in my mail from I signed up with them after reading about them on another blog. You simply go there first and shop websites through them. I went there, clicked Home Depot and purchased my missing deadbolt and pantry door knob as usual. A percentage of my total purchase was put into my Ebates account and I received a $10 gc from them in honor of my first purchase. Too cool! As I said, I sit here feeling incredibly, incredibly blessed and just wanted to share with you. Have a great week!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Thing of Beauty

One day while visiting my mother at her job, I noticed a pitiful looking podium hanging out in the hallway. After a couple of weeks of it sitting in the hallway, I asked if it was up for grabs. After loading it up in my car, I took it home and placed it carefully (read dumped) it in my carport. There it sat for weeks. On a random visit, my SIL stated that she would love to have a podium in her classroom for holding her textbooks and materials. She teaches English to 9-12 graders. (God bless her for that!!) Once I had an intended person, it became a huge push to get this sucker refinished and headed to someone else's house!

As you can see, the podium had a pretty rough life. The original teacher's name was still on the underside. Come to find out, it was a former teacher of mine and if I remember correctly, this podium was in use when I was in the 6th grade. (Here's a hint, that was at least a day or two ago!)

After a serious sanding/scrubbing, we created a new lip for the front that was considerably more sturdy. Oh, the books my SIL will be able to stack up! After gluing on the new lip, I clamped it down and shot some nails in to help secure the edge. There it sat for a couple days, let's say I was making sure the glue was dry...

After the glue was dried completely and then some, I took it out to my special painting place. (For those of you not playing along, that's my back patio saw horses.) I primed the entire thing with a good coat of grey primer.

After priming I finished with 3 coats of my favorite Rustoleum x2 high gloss black paint. I must say, it is a beauty to behold now and a great recycled object!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Didn't I Do This Sooner??

I am finally on a fabulous Spring Break with absolutely nothing scheduled, other than meeting with the local internet service company. My service has been in and out for several weeks and finally went out completely a week ago. Grrr. I am super dependent on my internet and being without made me a little grumpy. Sorry to those that had to deal with me with no access. Thankfully most of the time was spent at work, where I do have limited access after working hours! After multiple hours spent talking to "great" people who told me to check the "BPP" (name changed to protect the guilty, sorry G'Pa...) website, and two scheduled appointments, I have my access back. Watch out world! (And yes, several people told me to check their website for information on my appointments and issues. Seriously? I'm calling in the first place because I have no internet from the modem that you are telling me to unplug and re-plug!!)

Other than a rocky start, it has been a great week and I have spent it catching up on little things all over the house. One of the biggest issues I've had has been in my bathroom. Keep in mind that I use that room multiple times a day, showering, makeup, etc. While noticing the line between the tile and drywall wasn't a big deal, it ate at me day after day. (Yes, I most likely need to get out more, but hey, my life is what it is...) So, I finally got fed up and hauled out a tube of caulk. After a long battle of who was more stubborn, me or the caulk, I trashed the dried tube and pulled out a fresh one. I tipped the end of the tube and got to caulking. (all brothers get your mind out of the gutter RIGHT NOW!)

In no time at all, I had great peace of mind and was finished with the bathroom. Now instead of being frustrated when I go in the bathroom, it looks completed and incredible.

Now if I can just get the paint touched up under my light fixture, I'll have another "finished" room...

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Purdy Bowl...

Okay, as much as I love my family and friends, I'm not perfect, not by a long shot. I recently read about showing off the silverish base under brass plate. Our Humble A(Bowed) showed off this fabulous lamp and also a great leaf bowl that they were able to turn modern and fabulous with a little "Blue Magic" and lots of elbow grease.

After hitting up AutoZone for my own container of Blue Magic, and yes, I did get some odd looks. When are people going to learn to not judge a book by it's cover. Silly boy tried to sell me something else. Not impressed.After my Blue Magic purchase, I headed home and grabbed my purdy bowl. I had previously picked up a brass bowl from our local resale shop. It was half price on blue stickers day and I couldn't help myself. While I don't like brass, the shape of the bowl was perfect and I was super excited. Notice that I was so excited that I already had blue magic on the bowl before I shot my before pic. Oops! (Just as a side note, I often forget to take "before" pics and have to go searching through ALL of my house pics to find one I can make work.)

I used tons of elbow grease, cream, and steel wool and scrubbed and scrubbed. After a good while, I ended up with lighter brass instead of fabulous silver. I was bummed, but still loved the shape of the bowl, so I pulled out my old faithful, spray paint. It has yet to fail me and is so easy to apply. (notice I said yet...) I used the correct primer, dried it completely, painted on a coat of Heirloom White, dried it completely, and followed with a coat of high gloss sealer. When I left it dry it looked like a great piece of pottery. Oh woe is the passage of time. When I came back to look at the piece, this is what I found...

Not exactly a thing of beauty or even something that you want to display. My purdy bowl is still sitting on my kitchen table awaiting a new finish. Suggestions???

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wow, What A Compliment!

I recently received a huge compliment from a fellower blogger, Debra, in the form of a Stylish Blogger Award. Debra is super creative and has done some amazing things with pretty scary 70's furniture. Check her out on Deja Renew. Now, in order to accept the award, there are certain things I have to do.

To Accept The Award you must:
1.)Thank and Link Back to the Blogger Who Awarded You With
2.)Share 7 Things About Yourself
3.)Award 12 Recently Discovered Great Bloggers
4.)Contact The Bloggers Inform Them of The Award

Hmm, Share 7 things about myself?? Uh-oh, I could lose a ton of readers right here, so if you bore easily, skip past this part.

1. I have a serious addiction to crime shows on TV, CSI, original one only please, NCIS, NCIS LA, Bones, & The Mentalist. I think it comes from seeing a lot of injustice in my job and wanting to see justice served even if it's pretend.

2. On a really bad day, I used to stop and pick up a frosty from Wendy's for supper. Unfortunately, our Wendy's closed and was replaced by a Schlotzsky's. Great place, but not interchangeable for a Frosty. Now if only I could talk Schlotzsky's into serving Frosty's...

3. I love to shop online, but rarely purchase online. I'm just too darn cheap to pay for shipping, but instead I'll happily pay for gas that costs twice as much?!? I know, I need to get that fixed.

4. I cannot fold clothes. Apparently I missed that gene. So, I have to use a folding board, like Sheldon on another of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. It makes my life tons easier.

5. I am a true geek at heart. It is quite typical for me to get made fun of, very sweetly by friends, for my big words. I love Science and all things geeky, including computers.

6. I can pick paint colors immediately. Some people take tons of hours and samples, me? No need. Granted, I did with my kitchen, but went with the color I had picked out in the beginning. I have no idea why I can look at a shade and see it painted, but I can.

7. I typically only drink two different things. (What can I say? I'm a creature of habit!) In the morning, DO NOT speak to me until I've had my Diet Coke. Others drink coffee, but I'm a Diet Coke girl through and through. Most mornings I don't hit work without my cans or a Route 44 with easy ice. After mid-morning, I switch to water. I have several (9) 32 ounce bottles that I rotate through, filling with Reverse Osmosis water. RO water has basically been through a fancy filter where it gets rid of any funky flavors or tastes. Since my kitchen is in stud mode, and no that's not code for filled with cute guys, I have to go to my mom's house to fill my bottles. I CANNOT wait until I get my own system in my own kitchen.

Now onto the fun stuff. I know that's it's supposed to be 12 recently discovered blogs, but these are 12 blogs that I love and check regularly. Most are new, some are vets, but ALL are great!

1. Our Place - True following of what's most important in life
2. Epbot - A great place for all things geek-chic! (run by the creators of Cake Wrecks)
3. Better After - A look at all things before and after
4. The Single Nester - Another chick looking for love while making the world her own!
5. Sawdust & Paper Scraps - Home Remuddler & I love her work!
6. Lindsey's Whimsy's - sweet blog following all things cute and crafty
7. Daily Ventings & Exclamations - Cute ideas from all over
8. Bling Queen - Love the Cricut LO!
9. Life at Nine Park Lane - Absolutely LOVE her daughters views on life!!!
10. Itsy Bitsy Parker - How stinkin' cute is this little one?!?!
11. Polly Want a Crafter? - Love all the craft ideas!
12. Design Intervention - This lady was the one who gave me the faith to transform Elphaba

Friday, March 4, 2011

Still Here!!!

Faithful followers, I promise I have not fallen off the face of the Earth, although I was wishing I had at times. After dodging tons of germs all year, I succumbed to a HORRIBLE bout of strep throat. We're talking unable to swallow, talk or even turn my head. It was awful. After 5 different meds, I am now back on the mend and will be getting stuff ready for posts. They're coming I promise!!!

To tide you over, I found this chart while cruising the internet last weekend. (to put my yuckiness into perspective, I didn't open my for 3 days! that's huge for someone as email addicted as me!) This chart came off of my new favorite funny site,
There I Fixed Except for the needle nose pliers, I have used the following tools for all of their alternate uses, specifically the hammer's alternate use. Pretty accurate if you ask me.

Click on the pic if you want to see the original link. Enjoy!