Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Closing Day

It's official, I am finally a home owner. I had a walk-through yesterday morning before signing my life away, in blood, in a million places. That was by far the least painful part of the day. After the closing my assistant, Marshall Allen IV (his school was closed) and I headed over to the house to unload the preliminary set of tools and cleaning supplies. He was a huge help. Everything got dumped on the floor and we headed into the house to explore. Marshall discovered a treasure trove in the carpet in the guest room and ended up picking up 40 yen and a $1.42 in pennies, nickels, pennies, dime, quarters, and more pennies!

While he was doing that, I checked out the green bathroom. This is going to be my bathroom and at this point will stay t
he mint green tile. In the window, between the glass and screen, I found my first house guest. Fabulous! What's a girl to do? Why take a picture of course! After our greeting, M4 and I headed over to Mrs. Tate's house for a lovely lunch honoring the 4th grade teachers. It was very sweet and really good. We left close to 1 and went back to the house to meet my college friend Amy (thank you, Amy.) We went out and picked up a load from storage, a load of drinks from Sonic and headed back to the house to get cranking. Speaking of cranking, I had turned on the off AC unit when we were at the house earlier to cool it down, no problem right? Uh-oh, problem! The darn-tootin' thing doesn't work! Thankfully I received a home warranty from the sellers, odd I know, given the shape of the house, so all I have to do is track down that particular piece of paper and call it in. Amy and I tried to work in the green bathroom, but the heat was so bad that we couldn't continue, so we moved to the kitchen and carefully removed all of the trim and pried the nails out of it.

While Amy continued to work, I headed into the laundry room to see if I could find the source of the smell in the corner. Yeah, well did that and found SEVERAL skeletons. None were of the human form, but I have a vertebrae of a bi
rd, guessing here, the legs, a rather large jawbone for the inside of a wall, and a rattle. I'm not talking baby rattle here. At that point, I dissolved in tears and called my brother who very sweetly calmed me down and reassured me that I had sunk all of my savings in a good thing and it's going to be rough for a while, but I can do it, with the help of tons of friends and family! After hours of work, I had a new toilet, thank you Brant!, a carpetless front room and de-nailed trim removed from the kitchen walls. Today my goal is to empty storage (Thank you Uncle Bubba & Aunt Gail) of needed tools, call the AC repair man and board up the back sliding window. We'll see how far we get!

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