Thursday, August 27, 2009

Seriously Slacking...

Chalk it up to the kid throwing up in my classroom, finding out I have a new student, a long afternoon of bus duty or learning a REALLY old laptop for a new visually impaired child, but I was a serious slacker yesterday.  After I finally left school at 4:30, I'd been trying to leave for since 4, I went and got the crew drinks and headed for the house.  Dad (Marc) and Sara had been working non-stop all day yesterday and lots to show for it.  Dad had cleared out a large patch of grapevine and other weeds/weed trees from the back fence area.  He had also worked on tearing out the old faucet in the green bath and replacing it with a shower tub faucet combo.  This is really good news, seeing as the only shower in the house is in the pink bathroom and there is no way in heck I'm getting in that thing!  (Granted, the shower pan in it is shot, so I have a legit excuse...)  See the attached pictures to check out his new "workshop" area.

Sara spent the bulk of the day organizing the myriad of tools that I currently own.  (The drywall guy, Wes, was really impressed with my tool count.  Impressed and maybe just a little bit jealous...) The tools look great and now I can easily find the one I need when I need it.  Thanks for all of the hardwork.  I'm sorry the only appreciation I could muster was supper at Cici's, but I do appreciate it.  In case anyone from the Texas Board of Education is reading this, I would really appreciate it if school could start on a Thursday every year so we can then have 2 days to recover and plan for the next week.  :)  Have a great day, or night if you're reading this late and I'll keep you up to date on what happens next!

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