Thursday, August 20, 2009

Not Much Happening...

Sorry about the delay in this edition.  I was at work until 8 last night working on t-shirts for the 4th grade Open House, so very little was accomplished on the house yesterday.  I did meet with my contractor over my lunch hour.  He had the roof measured for the new metal and looked at all of the termite damaged drywall and the SCARY laundry room.  He's working on a price for all of it and is going to let me know something tomorrow.  I realize that I could possibly repair the termite damage myself, but I do want to be in this house before I turn 40, so...  And as for the roof, no amount of money could get me up there!!  I will gladly pay someone to climb it for me, not to mention the 100 degree temperatures!  Keep your fingers crossed that the estimate in my price range which is free to cheap!  ;)  I am excited that for once, I'll be spending a large amount of money and have a large item to show for it!  Nothing like having a medical procedure done, paying $5,000 for it and having nothing tangible to show!  Now I can show off my roof!!  It's the little things in life!

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