Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big Changes

I am sitting here barely able to move, but sooooo excited!  I went over to the house today and I loved the ceilings.  Wes, the drywall guy, uses a technique called stomp and drag.  He uses a self-designed tool to apply the plaster to the ceilings.  (See the picture of the guy in the blue shirt.)  They then go back and knock it down so it provides a flat surface.  Tomorrow, yes Sunday, he's going to apply an orange peel texture all of the walls in the house.  It's going to look just like an orange peel, minus the fabulous orange color.  I wanted flat, but I will settle with the orange peel.  It hides the flaws in the walls much better and makes the overall look much smoother.  I just like it because it's smooth enough that I can still get straight, clean paint lines for stripes, apply vinyl wall graphics etc. and no one will draw blood on rough walls! 

While the guys continued to work on the walls/ceilings, I tackled the paneling in the kitchen.  It all had to come down because we need to rewire the kitchen for electricity.  (No one panic, Dad was able to save the green built-in in the corner.  It will be moving to the opposite corner.)  The need to rewire means that I get to design my kitchen and have to know where everything is going.  Yahoo!  Since I already have everything planned in my head, I now just have to make it reality and get it down on paper.  Should be an easy task.  I have no where else to be on Monday so I can tackle it then.  Oh wait, school starts doesn't it?  Darn.  Can you guess what's going to be the feature of Day 13?

Soon after finishing the paneling, Les (see prior blogs) showed up and helped me get rid of the fabulous linoleum in the kitchen.  Surprisingly, it came up really easy.  We used a flat nose (no real idea what it's called) shovel, chisel, and pry bar to get it all up.  It only stuck in a few places and those popped up easily with a wee bit of encouragement from the chisel.  :)  Unfortunately the mastic used in 1961 and now highly visible was a lovely black color, so I now have a custom floor treatment that will be featured on the cover of "60's Kitsch." 

Dad & Sar showed up for a little while in between ER shifts and pitched in after taking in all the hard work.  Sar assisted Les with the floor demo and Dad headed out back to attack some much overgrown grapevines. (think 3-4 inches in diameter...)  Thanks for taking the effort to come up between shifts, I appreciate it!

Now, if I'm going to design and mentally install an entire kitchen tomorrow, I better get to bed tonight.  Advil, oh advil, where are you???  Advil?  Hmm, maybe it's somewhere near my muscles and my ability to move.  Soon as I can locate those I'm home free!!  I'll let you know what I can find.  ;)

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