Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

When I sat on my new lovely couch, I discovered that I had a large hole on one wall. Now, not that kind of hole. My drywall was completely intact and painted. What was missing was any sort of decor. Apparently the hole so disturbed me that I didn't even take a single picture of it! Anyway, the hole was on the wall opposite the windows in the room, perfect for a mirror. Now, to find the perfect mirror. Thankfully I was able to spot one the exact right size at Burlington Coat Factory in San Antonio. The great part was the price, $25! Wahoo!

The only issue with the mirror was the finish. The odd coloring wasn't the exact look I was going for. I wanted something more broken in and welcoming.

Thankfully I had a ton of leftover paint from the various walls/furniture in my house. After a coat of Behr's Heavy Cream, I had this result.

While I was happier with this result, it still wasn't where I wanted it to be, so, back to the drawing board I went. After pouring a bit of water, okay a lot of water, into the empty can of Behr's Roasted Nuts. (It's the name of the paint, I promise!!) I did a fabulously sloppy job of rubbing the watered down paint all over the frame. After a quick rubdown I had a warm detailed look that perfectly matched my living room.

While the mirror looked great, it lacked the welcoming look I was craving. Off to the Cricut I headed. Out of white vinyl I cut a stencil for Welcome and the swirly-ma-bob (technical term!) using the Plantain Schoolbook cart. (I used the white vinyl because it was the color I had the most of and I didn't have the stencil stuff.)

After painstakingly applying it to the mirror and making certain it was centered, I protected the rest of the glass with magazine pages and sprayed on 3 light coats of glass frost. After letting the paint set up/cure I carefully, oh so carefully, peeled off the vinyl and tape and carefully cleaned the glass. Now, I didn't clean it as thoroughly as I wanted, but there is time for that later. What I ended up with was a great piece in my living room. Now it sends the right message to all of my guests. Feel free to stop by and check it out for yourself.

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