Thursday, July 22, 2010

What is a Cricut?

I have heard several comments about what is a Cricut? What are Cricut carts? Huh???? Okay, put your fears to rest and enjoy my following: (Keep in mind that I receive NO compensation from the Cricut company or any of the companies I mention. I've just used their products or ordered from them and have been pleased with the results.

Image courtesy of Hallmark Scrapbook

A Cricut is a product built by ProvoCraft to ease the frustrations of die cutting anything! You load a small cartridge (referred to often in blogdom as "carts") and a vinyl keyboard overlay into/onto the machine and type into the machine exactly what you want to cut and what size, from 1/2"-24" and press cut. Badda-Bing, Badda-Boom, you have a perfect image. Layer these images using the different buttons, similar to using the shift key to make capital letters. You can cut anything from perfectly shadowed letters in almost 30+ fonts to scary witches to a precious animal, to a rockin' guitar to a complete set of paper dolls, including accessories. They are great inventions and coming from an avid scrapbooker and classroom decorator, invaluable to own!

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