Thursday, March 31, 2011

I am a Killer.

No, I'm not confessing to murdering someone, just somethings, several somethings. For several years I worked for my older sister as a florist assistant during Valentine's Day and other flower heavy holidays. These times always felt like a huge treat for me because I LOVE fresh flowers, green plants and gorgeous landscapes.

Once again, spring has sprung here in Texas, (94 yesterday!) and the local big box stores have a plethora of incredible plants, bulbs and seeds just begging to be brought home to thrive. In my head I see all of the blooms covering my house, filling my empty flowerbeds and adding sweet perfume to my home. Instead of the beautiful yard I picture, this is a much more accurate version of reality.

This was once a incredible poinsettia once upon a time. What happened? I killed it. This is where it comes that I kill things. Poor innocent plants and I cannot keep them alive for any time whatsoever. Does this mean that I don't continually try, year after year? Ha! Money down the drain, but I do purchase more and more plants each year. This year, instead of buying tons of plants, I limited myself to one plant, a camelia and seed packets. I chose a double bloom camelia which strongly resembles a peony, my favorite flower of all time but doesn't grow down here.

In several other containers and a long bed at the back of my patio I planted a zinnia, parsley, and basil seeds. It's not exactly impressive in pictures, but the beds are clean and clear!

Just a short week later, I noticed these green sprouts in my back flowerbed. Whether they're weeds or zinnias, I'm thrilled and can't wait to see what comes of them!

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