Friday, March 18, 2011

Why Didn't I Do This Sooner??

I am finally on a fabulous Spring Break with absolutely nothing scheduled, other than meeting with the local internet service company. My service has been in and out for several weeks and finally went out completely a week ago. Grrr. I am super dependent on my internet and being without made me a little grumpy. Sorry to those that had to deal with me with no access. Thankfully most of the time was spent at work, where I do have limited access after working hours! After multiple hours spent talking to "great" people who told me to check the "BPP" (name changed to protect the guilty, sorry G'Pa...) website, and two scheduled appointments, I have my access back. Watch out world! (And yes, several people told me to check their website for information on my appointments and issues. Seriously? I'm calling in the first place because I have no internet from the modem that you are telling me to unplug and re-plug!!)

Other than a rocky start, it has been a great week and I have spent it catching up on little things all over the house. One of the biggest issues I've had has been in my bathroom. Keep in mind that I use that room multiple times a day, showering, makeup, etc. While noticing the line between the tile and drywall wasn't a big deal, it ate at me day after day. (Yes, I most likely need to get out more, but hey, my life is what it is...) So, I finally got fed up and hauled out a tube of caulk. After a long battle of who was more stubborn, me or the caulk, I trashed the dried tube and pulled out a fresh one. I tipped the end of the tube and got to caulking. (all brothers get your mind out of the gutter RIGHT NOW!)

In no time at all, I had great peace of mind and was finished with the bathroom. Now instead of being frustrated when I go in the bathroom, it looks completed and incredible.

Now if I can just get the paint touched up under my light fixture, I'll have another "finished" room...

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