Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Purdy Bowl...

Okay, as much as I love my family and friends, I'm not perfect, not by a long shot. I recently read about showing off the silverish base under brass plate. Our Humble A(Bowed) showed off this fabulous lamp and also a great leaf bowl that they were able to turn modern and fabulous with a little "Blue Magic" and lots of elbow grease.

After hitting up AutoZone for my own container of Blue Magic, and yes, I did get some odd looks. When are people going to learn to not judge a book by it's cover. Silly boy tried to sell me something else. Not impressed.After my Blue Magic purchase, I headed home and grabbed my purdy bowl. I had previously picked up a brass bowl from our local resale shop. It was half price on blue stickers day and I couldn't help myself. While I don't like brass, the shape of the bowl was perfect and I was super excited. Notice that I was so excited that I already had blue magic on the bowl before I shot my before pic. Oops! (Just as a side note, I often forget to take "before" pics and have to go searching through ALL of my house pics to find one I can make work.)

I used tons of elbow grease, cream, and steel wool and scrubbed and scrubbed. After a good while, I ended up with lighter brass instead of fabulous silver. I was bummed, but still loved the shape of the bowl, so I pulled out my old faithful, spray paint. It has yet to fail me and is so easy to apply. (notice I said yet...) I used the correct primer, dried it completely, painted on a coat of Heirloom White, dried it completely, and followed with a coat of high gloss sealer. When I left it dry it looked like a great piece of pottery. Oh woe is the passage of time. When I came back to look at the piece, this is what I found...

Not exactly a thing of beauty or even something that you want to display. My purdy bowl is still sitting on my kitchen table awaiting a new finish. Suggestions???

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