Sunday, March 6, 2011

Wow, What A Compliment!

I recently received a huge compliment from a fellower blogger, Debra, in the form of a Stylish Blogger Award. Debra is super creative and has done some amazing things with pretty scary 70's furniture. Check her out on Deja Renew. Now, in order to accept the award, there are certain things I have to do.

To Accept The Award you must:
1.)Thank and Link Back to the Blogger Who Awarded You With
2.)Share 7 Things About Yourself
3.)Award 12 Recently Discovered Great Bloggers
4.)Contact The Bloggers Inform Them of The Award

Hmm, Share 7 things about myself?? Uh-oh, I could lose a ton of readers right here, so if you bore easily, skip past this part.

1. I have a serious addiction to crime shows on TV, CSI, original one only please, NCIS, NCIS LA, Bones, & The Mentalist. I think it comes from seeing a lot of injustice in my job and wanting to see justice served even if it's pretend.

2. On a really bad day, I used to stop and pick up a frosty from Wendy's for supper. Unfortunately, our Wendy's closed and was replaced by a Schlotzsky's. Great place, but not interchangeable for a Frosty. Now if only I could talk Schlotzsky's into serving Frosty's...

3. I love to shop online, but rarely purchase online. I'm just too darn cheap to pay for shipping, but instead I'll happily pay for gas that costs twice as much?!? I know, I need to get that fixed.

4. I cannot fold clothes. Apparently I missed that gene. So, I have to use a folding board, like Sheldon on another of my favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. It makes my life tons easier.

5. I am a true geek at heart. It is quite typical for me to get made fun of, very sweetly by friends, for my big words. I love Science and all things geeky, including computers.

6. I can pick paint colors immediately. Some people take tons of hours and samples, me? No need. Granted, I did with my kitchen, but went with the color I had picked out in the beginning. I have no idea why I can look at a shade and see it painted, but I can.

7. I typically only drink two different things. (What can I say? I'm a creature of habit!) In the morning, DO NOT speak to me until I've had my Diet Coke. Others drink coffee, but I'm a Diet Coke girl through and through. Most mornings I don't hit work without my cans or a Route 44 with easy ice. After mid-morning, I switch to water. I have several (9) 32 ounce bottles that I rotate through, filling with Reverse Osmosis water. RO water has basically been through a fancy filter where it gets rid of any funky flavors or tastes. Since my kitchen is in stud mode, and no that's not code for filled with cute guys, I have to go to my mom's house to fill my bottles. I CANNOT wait until I get my own system in my own kitchen.

Now onto the fun stuff. I know that's it's supposed to be 12 recently discovered blogs, but these are 12 blogs that I love and check regularly. Most are new, some are vets, but ALL are great!

1. Our Place - True following of what's most important in life
2. Epbot - A great place for all things geek-chic! (run by the creators of Cake Wrecks)
3. Better After - A look at all things before and after
4. The Single Nester - Another chick looking for love while making the world her own!
5. Sawdust & Paper Scraps - Home Remuddler & I love her work!
6. Lindsey's Whimsy's - sweet blog following all things cute and crafty
7. Daily Ventings & Exclamations - Cute ideas from all over
8. Bling Queen - Love the Cricut LO!
9. Life at Nine Park Lane - Absolutely LOVE her daughters views on life!!!
10. Itsy Bitsy Parker - How stinkin' cute is this little one?!?!
11. Polly Want a Crafter? - Love all the craft ideas!
12. Design Intervention - This lady was the one who gave me the faith to transform Elphaba


  1. Thanks so much Sissi! And Congratulations to you as well!

  2. Thanks so much for the mention. Made my Monday!


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