Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Blessings Abound

I sit here on Tuesday evening exhausted by today, yet feeling incredibly blessed with all that has happened lately in my personal life. This weekend I was lucky enough to spend a quiet evening with a close friend working on my built-in shelves. It was fun to start and finish something in the same time period and then sit and enjoy a conversation with a friend. Saturday I attended an incredible wedding of another friend. Lindsey and Joe (Lindsey's Whismy's) were wed under huge trees outside of a old hall way out in the country. The entire evening was themed in antiques and comfort. Guests were greeted with cookies, lemonade, pinwheels and antique handkerchiefs. Between the breezes and the resounding "Yes" from the groom, it was a gorgeous evening! Wishing you all the happiness in the world, Guys!

Sunday, my mom and I headed out to a nearby (relative term here) antique fair known by locals simply as Warrenton. It is a huge antique show that runs for miles literally through cow pastures in the countryside. Even if you went all day every day of the fair, it is highly doubtful that you would be able to see each and every vendor! The vendors sell a bit of everything from beheaded dolls (not kidding) to French furniture, to vintage hardware to current clothes to purses to the all important kettle korn, which was the true goal of me going. It is a great experience that changes each time you go.

As we left the car to find treasures, I handed my mom my car keys and my debit card, in case I found the perfect table for my living room, or at least I thought I gave it to her. Approximately an hour or so later, I received a phone call from my brother asking me where my debit card was because some lady had called him claiming to have found it. Turns out that I dropped it right next to my car and an absolutely precious vendor happened upon and thought it was a hotel key. Thankfully she took a second look and picked it up. With a quick or not so quick google search in the middle of a pasture in the middle of the country, she located my brother who blessedly is in the phonebook. (I don't have a landline and thus am not in a phonebook. Most of the time this is a good thing.) Jon, while supposed to go to the nearest Sam's to get diapers an hour away, didn't go and was home to get the call. He took the message and called me. I called Anita, the super woman who found it, we soon had a time to meet so I could get it back. Within an hour, I had my card back and the only payment Anita would take is to invite me to visit her booth in Round Top. So, if you're at Marburger Farm in Round Top, stop by the Buffalo Gals booth (B12) and please repeat my gratitude! (On a side note, in case someone got my card before Anita picked it up, I did cancel that card and have a new one reissued!) (On another side note, we did find a table, but I don't have my camera handy and am too tired to locate where exactly I cleaned it up too. Pics will come later.)

Today after arriving early at work, I checked my email. On a typical weekend I go through my favorite blog stops and catch up on all the news and sign up for blog candy. Guess what?? I won and I won big! Cathe Holden is an incredible creative lady who had a great SWAG giveaway from her sponsors on her site Just Something I Made. If I am reading her blog correctly, I will soon be the new owner of a Land's End bag filled with tons of goodies. I cannot wait until it arrives!

Then, to top off everything else, I discovered a GC to Home Depot in my mail from I signed up with them after reading about them on another blog. You simply go there first and shop websites through them. I went there, clicked Home Depot and purchased my missing deadbolt and pantry door knob as usual. A percentage of my total purchase was put into my Ebates account and I received a $10 gc from them in honor of my first purchase. Too cool! As I said, I sit here feeling incredibly, incredibly blessed and just wanted to share with you. Have a great week!

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