Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer's a Comin'

One of the things I have had the most fun with is constantly changing my front door's wreath/decor.  An afternoon of crafting and finished in a day, LOVE IT!!  A couple of weeks ago, I was cruising Michael's with a friend and noticed their Gerber daisies on sale for 60% off.

Couple those with ostrich feathers in blue and lime, sparkly lime tulle, a grapevine wreath (all 50% off at Hobby Lobby) and just a bit of glitter (I had already) and I had a great craft project on my hands, my couch, my table, my floor, my face, just about everywhere. 

I used a brush glue and applied it somewhat messily to the tips of the petals and the centers of the flowers.  I then dusted the edges of with matching colors of glitter. While those were drying, I gussied up the grapevine with my Glimmer Mist.  It added just the
right shimmer to the background.

The final result was fun and summery, and just a little bit over the top.  In the steamy days of summer, looking like a popsicle is a blast!


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