Friday, May 20, 2011

Checking off one more thing...

In anticipation of having my gas installed in my kitchen, I wanted to get a couple more things checked off my never ending to-do list.  One of the big eyesores was my kitchen floor, okay, my entire floor, but I'm speaking specifically of my kitchen floor in this post.  After removing the linoleum and the subsequent tile underneath, an ugly black mastic that sometimes scraped off and sometimes not was left behind.  Yuck.

The random bare spots behind the carseat in the picture above is from the original cabinet layout.  The mastic was nasty and no matter how hard I tried, wouldn't come up.  VERY frustrating.  Every once in a while moving something would pull off some of it, but I couldn't ever get it up and off on purpose.

With the addition of the pocket door and the need to move the stove dryer anyway, I took advantage of the time to paint the floor.  With a fresh coat of the new stain, it looks TONS better.

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