Monday, May 16, 2011

Pantry Storage Solutions

My new pantry is currently in a fabulous state of 4 walls and one door.  Fascinating right?  I'm waiting until my electrical and gas lines are run to bite the bullet and purchase my wall stencil.  Eventually it's going to be an incredible pantry and storage place, but until then, it's 4 walls and a door.  We did take the time and rehang my ironing board organizer thingy from Lowe's.  It seems so simple and I can't figure out why I didn't design it and make my own fortune, but I digress.  

The top holds the iron, spray bottle, which I need to locate again, and starch.  The board then hangs below, keeping it up and out of the way.  So much better than the previous way I had of precariously leaning the board against the wall and balancing the iron on the window ledge...

On the other wall, I have an organizer for my brooms, mops, floor scrapers, and other long items.  I'm happy to have them up and out of the way.  Nothing scares me quite the same as stepping on a mop handle in the complete dark and no matter how many times I stand it up, it slides down the wall and finds the floor.

Eventually, I'm going to get the two lights installed and the missing plug that goes in the random empty box in the picture.  All of that is hinging on the replacement of the electrical box.  I'll keep you posted on how that's coming. I'll also have floor to ceiling shelves installed for storing all kinds of things.  That though will have to wait until later...

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