Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Growing Up

I'm not a neat person by nature.  Eventually I get around to cleaning and I like having a clean house, but I'm not neat by nature.  What I am is lazy, but I digress...  With my tax refund, I picked up something in an effort to attempt to help me with my laziness neatness.  As a effort to grow-up, I purchased a 2 drawer lateral filing cabinet. 

The cabinet, which I got on "sale" at Office Depot and with a coupon, is supposed to look like the one pictured above.  Instead when I got it home, it looked more like this...

A million pieces ALL over my floor.  I've put together a ton of furniture before in my life, but this one was CRAZY!  I broke a sweat putting this sucker together, but in the end, I succeeded!  Then came the truly rough part, filing about eight million pieces of paper.  I select the paperless option on everything I can in an effort to streamline my life, but I still seem to be drowning in paper.  Ugh.

I had a random file box, hey, it was cute, and a plastic tub that housed all of my junk.  Now it is finally labeled and sorted in two really cute drawers and when closed, doesn't scream file cabinet.  I'm thrilled!

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