Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Definition...

Several people have wondered about a recent post where I used the term "crap" moulding. (As a disclaimer, I'm not in the habit of using bad words. Crap is as severe as I get, thanks to a job where I have to watch my language and a mother that still gives "looks" for poor choices. You have no fear of this turning into a foul mouthed blog.) I love the look of crown moulding, but the steps to going from the picture above to the picture below are long and tedious. For starters, you have to purchase the stuff. When I fell in love with it a year ago, it was $3.25 for 8 feet worth. Now, it's almost $6 for the same 8 feet. Unfortunately, with 2 rooms down, I'm not changing the look now! After I feel the pinch of paying for it, I have to then find someplace to lay out 8 feet long planks and get them at least double coated with paint. After painting, they have to be cured and flipped over. When painting, some of the paint drips down and creates little bumps on the back of the piece. This prevents the moulding from sitting flush against the wall. So, each and every little bump has to be shaved off with sharp blade. Fun stuff... Now, the beams are ready for installation. Ahh, the oh so fun installation. Yuck. For starters, it involves coping and other impressive yet tedious cutting. We also had to build a template to make sure that the angle is consistent the entire way down the wall. (I'm telling you, fun stuff...) Once all that is done, it takes a series of ladders, nail guns and anti-gravity boots to get the moulding adhered to the wall. The only step left is to fill the top and bottom with caulking to seal the seam and make it look "purdy." Only then does the crap moulding become crown moulding. Side Note: You may notice that I spell moulding in the typical English way, instead of the American way of molding. While I would LOVE to visit England, my spelling preferences have nothing to do with a presumed love of all things English. Instead it stems more from a stubborn refusal to put anything having to do with mold into my home, no matter if the difference is simple spelling. (sometimes my stubborness causes me an issue or two...)

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