Sunday, February 6, 2011

Linen Closet

Okay, with the advent of the new year, comes a plethora of weight losing tips, organization ideas, and a general need to revamp your life. My minor effort in this was to re-do my linen closet. As a minor confession/excuse, I've didn't had a linen closet in the house I grew up in. Sheets went into the bottom drawer of a dresser and extra towels were stacked neatly in a basket. There was no closet space. Now, I have an entire closet for my linens. Yikes. What to do...

What you see above was the current state of my closet. It was full of mismatched blankets, rags, sheets, and then a couple of things such as a smoke detector and holiday decorations. The first step was pulling EVERYTHING out. My queen size bed was over-flowing with stuff. I then refolding everything, stacking similar items together. I sorted out mismatched things and made a separate stack for things headed to the garage sale. The rags got pulled and moved to the laundry room for easier access and better storage. I had used a Christmas giftcard from The Container Store (best store ever!) to purchase among other things, a couple of blanket and sweater bags. Clean sheet sets went into the sweater bags to make pulling complete sets easy. I used the blanket bags to store extra pillows and keep them dust free. With the crazy Texas weather, we use blankets randomly, so there isn't really much point in putting them in bags. Extra pillows, however, aren't used as much and I wanted to keep them dust free.

After getting everything moved back in, these are the final results. What do you think?

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