Sunday, January 30, 2011

Slight detour...

Okay peeps. I promise I'll get back to my more traditional posts of crafting and DIY'ing, but today I'm off on a slight detour.

I love blogging. I would love to be privileged enough to quit my day job and blog full time. That being said, most days I honestly love my real job. I impact lives and that means a lot to me. I would just love to have all of the benefits of my "real job" without the stresses of my real job. I'm guessing that most everyone out there feels the same way. The problem comes where the real jobs wears me out so much that I either don't have time to blog or don't have time to do something to blog about. Hence, the few and far between posts. Sorry folks. I'm working on it and hope to have several short posts coming soon.

After all that, if anyone knows anyone who would love to pay me to create/DIY, have them email me!!!! Now, I have that off my chest, onto another detour.

In dealing with my fixer-upper, I have reached the awkward stage. You know, that stage where you're cleaning and you get down to the last basket full of stuff and you don't know what to do with it?? You need all of the things, but none of them have a place where they live. You end up putting all of the things back in the basket and store the basket because if nothing else at least you know where all of those things are...

My bedroom is completely finished, save flooring, which is true of the whole house.

Master Bath is done save caulking baseboards & installing crap moulding...

Hallway is finished save painting and installing trim on one frame, caulking baseboards & installing crap moulding...

Guestroom is close, except for caulking baseboards & installing crap moulding, replacement windows, & closing up the pink bath wall.

Office is close as well, except caulking baseboards & crap moulding.

The living room needs a paint job on the sideboard, frames next to the mirror, a side table at large chair, caulking baseboards & crap moulding and some minor decor tweaks.

The kitchen, now that's another story. It's a domino story that thankfully is about to start falling. If you recall, my bro & SIL bought their first house and moved around the beginning of October. Most everything that didn't fit in their house ended up as a garage sale item in my shed. How does this effect me and my kitchen??? In order to drywall my kitchen, we have to install all of the electrical first. In order to reach the walls to install the electrical, we have to get to them. (I know, silly detail, right??) The walls were until recently blocked by tools and supplies. Unfortunately they take up so much space that I can't just move them around the room while we work behind them. To be really efficient, all of the supplies should be moved to another spot, close and secure, like a shed. Hmmmm. (Are you seeing the issues with the shed? Now, please understand, that I offered my shed up for their storage. They were not imposing on me at all, it's just that the time finally came for it to be emptied.)

Thanks to a highly successful garage sale, my shed is now empty and ready to hold all of my various and sundry items, after we beef up the security out there a little more. Once the tools are secured, we can begin work on the pantry, (wait until you hear this doosie. the thought of it literally brought tears to my eyes...) and keep plugging away on the electrical. Until then, I'll have some smaller posts to keep you busy. Some will be new things and some will be things I've already done, but haven't shared yet. Until then, see ya!!!

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