Monday, February 21, 2011

Dirty Habits

So, one of the bad/good things about a blog is that the entire (all 20+ of y'all!) world gets to see all of your dirty laundry. While I do write the blog and I get to decide what goes on it, it is somewhat cathartic to air my dirty laundry and breathe a bit. During my crazy weeks, I have a habit of dropping things where they fall when I come into the house. Most nights I get home about an hour or so before bed and then leave again in the early morning. Rarely do I have time, okay, really energy to pick up. So, when the weekend comes, I go around and try and pick up everything and put it back where it goes.

My project this weekend was cleaning up not the inside of my house, but the carport instead. With dumpster diving and salvaging lumber, house parts, and extra saw horses, my carport was appearing very similar to an ad for a storage company. There was barely enough room for my car and opening doors was very scary for fear of scratching them or sending something flooding down.

So, I backed the car out and after putting on some heavy duty gloves, I started the seemingly impossible task of cleaning up and clearing away. I moved a set of three saw horses over and restacked the mess of lumber.

Underneath the lumber hodge-podge I discovered the wooden pallet that held my back door when it was shipped. If you look carefully in my "after," you'll realize I gave up on pulling this apart and instead leaned it up on the lumber stack. (Cut me some slack, it was put together with some hurricane nails. yuck!!)
On top of the pallet was 2 bags of Quickcrete. One of them had split open over time, which made for some very interesting dust. Ugh! (don't worry, my house wasn't burning. that "smoke" on Sunday afternoon was a misdirected blower on the dust. I rapidly switched to shop-vac after that.) Along with all of the hefting and hauling, I pulled all of the nails and staples out of the wood.

Approximately 4 hours later, I finally had what you see below. Not only do I have room for my car now, but it's safe to open the doors! It was so worth the effort and makes me happy every time I pull into it.

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