Monday, January 10, 2011

A Wandering

Hola!! I'm back from Christmas break. Break was awesome and so wonderful to spend time sleeping and recovering from the stress of life in general. One of my favorite presents for Christmas was a little gem called a Gypsy. (Santa was super good to me this year, but I'll post more on that later...)

My brothers and sisters-in-law went together, along with my parents to get me a hand held Cricut. A Gypsy is a small computer sized just larger than a Nintendo DS or PSP. It allows me to put my entire collection of Cricut cartridges on one unit and access them all at one time. (A hiccup with a traditional Cricut is that you can only use one cartridge at a time. In order to cut images from multiple carts, you have to power off the machine and switch the carts out and then reload paper and cut again.) With the Gypsy, I can load multiple images from different cartridges, rotate them to fit the paper best and cut several different items on different colors of paper.

My first project was to load two colors of paper on my mat to get a combination of cuts both of snowflakes and Christmas trees. After programming my Gypsy with the cuts I wanted, I used the USB2 cord and connected it to my Cricut. I loaded the paper and pressed cut. It went to town cutting the entire paper. It is quite interesting to see work. Instead of cutting the tree/top of the paper first, it did the bottom snowflake first, opposite of the cartridge loaded into the Cricut.

As you can see here, it cut the two different images on the correct color of paper for my project. This would be almost impossible (for me) to do without the Gypsy.

After removing the excess paper, check out what was left!

Wondering what I made with all of these items? You'll have to wait for another post. ;)

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