Saturday, January 29, 2011

Thanks to this "fabulous" economy, the mortgage rates are as close as through the floor as possible. Realizing this, I wanted to just do a simple refinance on my house to get a better rate. After spending a saturday talking to a local banker, I found myself on a roller coaster ride. Apparently banks frown on refinancing homes with no kitchen to speak of. What?? I've lived for 2 years with a microwave and a adorable hot plate. That's not a kitchen? So, that meant in order to refinance, I had to get a kitchen and get it with in a six month period. And the ride began!

Our first goal was to get the drywall up to hide all of the awesome electrical work. Yeah, I know, I can't wait to get something done that won't be hidden by or behind anything else. I was going to have the job done by someone else, since drywall is pretty important, at least the finished look. After getting bids ranging from $660-$1,000 for 3 blessed walls in my kitchen, I decided we could do it much cheaper than that. So, one Friday afternoon, I came home from work and we cranked, cutting, screwing, taping and floating. We had a 3 man team, switching off the jobs so that while two were installing, one of us was taping and floating behind them. By 11 thtq night, the entire kitchen was done and waiting for more coats of mud. While it was my first job and not the best looking, it is done and all the hiccups, ie corners, will be hidden by cabinets and backsplash tiles.

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