Sunday, January 15, 2012

An orange explosion...

I am addicted to Pinterest and discover lots of ideas i think I'll have time for (ha!) and want to try. One of those ideas was a faux wood door. I have a plain white Fiberglas front door with great potential. After seeing Rachel's post on Lovely Crafty Home, which I had pinned and thus reminded myself daily, I decided that I needed to bite the bullet and go for it.

I started with a freshly cleaned white door.  While I was at it, I scrubbed the siding and windows as well.  I figured that it had been at least five years more or less since it had been cleaned.

I took my freshly cleaned door and promptly painted it burnt orange.  Home Depot assured me the color was really "glazed pecan," but I'm not buying it after seeing it on the door.

I doubled coated the door, letting it dry between coats. Rachel didn't mention this that I recall, but my one coat was super streaky and messy.

It was holding the quart can for the 2nd time that caused a slight mess. Apparently my hand was cramped more than I thought and all of the sudden it spasmed and let go of the almost completely full quart of paint.

My first thought was d@mn.  My second thought was, can I reach the camera without moving?  Score!!  Believe it or not, this isn't the biggest mess I've ever made with paint. Ha!

(In honor of all my friends who support the Texas Longhorns, I left the orange door for a whole 24 hours.  Let's not mention the fact that I had to because A.) the paint had to dry and B.) it was dark outside and I was working on an exterior door...  Sic 'Em Bears!)

The next day, yeah, patience isn't really my thing, I taped off sections of the door. My door has panels but doesn't have any line where panels would have been joined to make it look like real door.   So, I fauxed them in with blue tape.  I then used a chip paint brush to brush on Walnut gel stain.

Wow! Even after one coat of stain, it gets two, it is amazing the difference in the look. I am in love!

After a week of good weather and another coat of stain, all my door needs now is 3, count them, 3 coats of poly and some custom door numbers.  Does it ever end???  ;)

What do you think?


  1. It's taking a very long time for my gel stain to dry (It's been 3 days). I couldn't find old masters so instead purchased minwax gel stain. I have also only put one coat of gel stain on because the color I picked (hickory) was quite dark with one... not sure if I should do another coat.


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