Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ivories have been tickled

Remember this gem from a while ago?  Once upon a time it was a piano headed towards the dump.  As any good DIY'er we took it down the basics and saved the wood.  There it sat for almost a year until recently.
In the push to get my kitchen to a liveable state, new windows were installed across the back of the house.  When the original paneling and cabinets were ripped out, the window sill was removed as well.  It was part of the backsplash maybe??  I cannot recall at this point.  The main point I'm trying to make in a thousand words or more is that the poor kitchen window was sill-less and sad looking.

So, off we went to the wood pile taking over in my carport.  Out came one of the sides of the piano to undergo a transformation...

Once we had it cut down to size, we took the edge off by running it through the table saw.  The saw still left a poor edge, so we hit it again and again with the sander.  We had to take off the top layers of paint and then the red stain and get the wood back to square one. 

Once the dust had settled, we had to dryfit the sill again to make sure we were on the right track.  It took cutting out some extra drywall mud and removing actual drywall on one side to make it "seat" properly. 

Once the headaches were solved, the finished result was incredible.  I'm guessing I have the only maple window sill in the neighborhood! 

(yes, I know that the caulking needs to be fixed.  I'm on it!  The window installer is GREAT at installing windows, but not so great at caulking.  I have one more window seam to re-caulk and then the blinds are hung and the window is done!!)

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