Sunday, December 5, 2010

A Whole New Look

Last year as a combined Christmas and birthday present I received a large chair, ottoman, and couch from Leslie & family. They were blessed enough to be getting a new set and passed on their old one. Seeing as I was then sitting on a blow up swim float to watch TV, I was really, really grateful. While the basic structure of the furniture was in great condition and super comfortable, the fabric was a tired and wearing thin, literally, in places. (On a side note, after getting their new furniture, M4 and VJ, Leslie's kids tried to give me the new stuff and take back the old because the new stuff wasn't comfortable. I did say no.)

Now, onto the furniture. The couch is a classic denim, and the chair and ottoman were a fabulous striped pattern. In case you missed my subtle sarcasm, I'm not a blue and yellow girl and stripes aren't really my thing. Now, I'm not complaining here by a long stretch. The chair is very comfortable and fabric can always be changed! Besides, one look at the chair and I had already envisioned it in a lovely cream fabric.

So, I approached my step-mom, Sara, and asked her to complete the monumental task of making a slipcover out of a lighter weight cotton canvas. (I was able to trade almost 30 yards of fabric for an entire set of wedding flowers. WooHoo! The labor, not the flower cost.) Unfortunately the fabric wasn't thick enough to cover the stripes, so the entire thing had to be lined. And oh, yeah, did I mention that there wasn't a pattern?!? So, after innumerable hours of hard work, and a couple or three pin pricks, she was able to transform what is pictured above into the Pottery Barn special below!

I have to say, I am knock my socks off impressed! And just in case of a spill, the entire thing unzips and comes off to go in the washer. Again, did I mention I was impressed????

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