Monday, December 20, 2010

Candy Land

My department at work was given the assignment to decorate for our annual Christmas party. We decided on a theme of Candyland. After an evening of fun, we came out with these pretty cute decorations. Please note, that these are NOT my creations. This was a group effort. I'm not trying to take credit for them, just show off the hard work. Enjoy!

This was the centerpiece for the snack table. I love the glittery lolly-pops. I heard they came from Garden Ridge. Wonder where I'm going to head to when I'm in the big city???

These came out so stinkin' cute. All they are are large styrofoam balls with over 1,000 peppermints and cinnamon discs pinned on them. I strongly recommend a girls' night with a couple of adult beverages to make it easier. ;)

For the middle tables, we made gumdrop trees instead of peppermint discs. I was able to put my ribbon addiction to good use with bows and loops. I also ribboned the base and the dowels supporting the trees. Thankfully we didn't have time, or I would have been tempted to break out the glitter...

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