Sunday, December 5, 2010

Front Door Decor

Last year, in a fit of pique, I declared that I was going to hang up a Christmas wreath on my front door. Now, what you have to remember is that my house was still in a huge state of shambles. I had literally no place to sit, no door on the bathroom, and wasn't even living here, but darnit, I was going to have a wreath. So, off to Michael's I went. (love those coupons!!) I purchased a wreath form, a plastic garland and some jingle bells. Combined that with gorgeous ribbon and I came up with this...

By the time I actually got this made, it was well after Christmas and there was no point in hanging it up. So, I carefully put it up in a plastic bag on the top shelf of my closet until this year. Now, as soon as Christmas rolled around this year, I pulled the wreath down and took a long hard look at it and decided I didn't like it. (I know, big surprise there huh?)

It was boring and annoying me, so I pulled the whole thing apart. Don't get me wrong, I love the elements of it, just not how it was put together. While I was shopping in November, I fell in love with some glittered hydrangea at a local wholesaler. Unfortunately I didn't love their $6 per head price. So, I found some other less glittered hydrangea on clearance for $2 per head. Add a little Martha Stewart glitter and some Glimmer Mist in Santa Baby and perfection. After adding my new flowers and some glittered oak leaves, I came up with this and I have to say I am MUCH happier with it now!

The glitter doesn't photograph well, but I promise it looks good!

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