Friday, July 1, 2011

Outlining Letters

I've had a couple emails asking how to make your font in outline form, so I thought I'd throw in a quick tutorial in case you feel inclined to try your hand at "P.L.A.Y."  All of these directions and screen shots are for a Mac and Word.  I'm assuming that it's similar to Windows and other word processing programs. 

Choose whatever word or letter that you like and put it into capital or lower case letters.  Whatever you want your final product to be.  Highlight your word or letter or all the formatting you do won't effect your letters.

Once you have your words highlighted go up under the format menu and select Font.  This should open up another menu.

In the box that launches, check the box next to outline and then choose a larger size to really "see" the font in outline form.

This isn't the size that you're going to use if you want a letter per page, but it will let you pick the font that you like best in outline form.  Once you choose your font, select okay.

In the toolbar, hightlight the actual size that the letters are and change it to whatever you like.  I start with something simple such as 200 and go up and down from there until it gets close to what size I want.  Keep in mind that just because you use a size 200 in one font doesn't mean it won't take a 300 to fill the same size space in another font.  See the example.

Once you get the size you want, center the letters to make alignment easier and then print.  Enjoy!

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