Friday, July 8, 2011


I've discovered something about electricians.  The better they are at their job, the worse they are at keeping a room/house clean.  If you recall my previous post, there was a slight hole left after George finished his work.  He needed to access the electrical box from the inside of the house, so out came a smallish square of drywall.  (what I love is my blogging program doesn't even balk at smallish as a word anymore...)  

Apparently George already had the screws and felt a need to use each and every one of them!!  There are count 'em, 22 screws holding up the slightly larger than 8x10 piece of drywall.  The floor, baseboards and nearby furniture was full of drywall dust and pieces.  Yucky stuff.  After a couple of vacuums and several scrubbings, (why can't that stuff come up the first time??,) room is starting to look more like normal.  There still was the matter of the screws though.

Out came the large bucket of drywall compound, tape and floats.  Within a quick afternoon, the entire hole was covered.  Then, with a quick swipe of orange peel in a can, not kidding here, the entire hole was fixed. 

While it was indeed patched, it wasn't exactly un-noticeable if you know what I'm talking about.  So, I dug out the paint from the walls and did a double coat paint job.  After a short dry time, I re-hung the PLAY and now it's impossible to find the hole.

I must say that I'm pretty happy with the results and thrilled to once again have a "finished" (I use the term loosely) guestroom.

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