Sunday, October 3, 2010

Another Teaser!

It's another teaser, and not on purpose! My poor computer/right arm is sick right now. Apparently the speaker jack has a tiny part that has snapped and my computer thinks that it is always connected to speakers. While this isn't a bad thing, when I'm home, and not connected to anything, my computer won't recognize its internal speakers. That means no music, no sound effects and most importantly no voice mail. Oops! I can't exactly play my voice mails to a classroom full of people.

What does all of this computer issue have to do with my teaser post?? Well, all of my "before" pictures are on it and I can't get my "after" pictures to load correctly on my loaner. Frustrating, but at least I am able to get online, so it could be worse!

The hint I will give you about my latest fall decoration is a bat, a haunted house, a tree and a spooky moon, but not in the sense you're thinking... Have a great week!!

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