Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Is In The Air!!

This morning I awoke to a fabulous 58 degree morning! Fall is FINALLY here! Yay! Now instead of just pretending it's fall, it really is! (For anyone who lives in a southern state, I know you're feeling me on this!)

In honor of this cooler weather, I added a little something to my coffee table centerpiece. I love decorating for fall and really love the pumpkins and fall leaves. That being said, I am a cheapskate. (lovingly termed by my mother...) Hmmm, how to get pretty pumpkins and fun leaves without spending much? First thing, pull out a couple of pieces of cardstock. Grab some
Glimmer Mist and spray away! (I used tattered leather, black cherry, old lace and some green shade I can't remember.) Trust me, it looks really messy now, but it works in the end! Don't adjust your computer, the paper is in focus. This is just how odd it looks.

Use your Cricut and the Designer's Calendar cartridge to cut out a bunch of leaves in all different sizes. (I cut in sizes 3"-4".) Once you have the pieces cut out, admire how the blotchy paper became fabulously colored leaves, that unfortunately are missing a little something...

I love the shimmer though! After thinking a bit, I decided that the edges of the paper while white, weren't going with my fall theme. Hmmm... Chalk Ink to the rescue.

After adding a bit of dark green ink to the edges, my leaves were starting to look better and better. All that I needed was a little veining courtesy of my stylus. Don't look too carefully, it's pretty sloppy, but perfection isn't needed to add the hint of veins.

After getting a hold of some Dollar Tree pumpkins, some Martha Stewart glitter (get the good stuff folks, it makes a difference) and some Modge Podge, I managed to transform the cheap pumpkins into something a little more impressive looking. Mix those "new" pumpkins with some fall leaves and tuck them into the basket and Voila!

I have to say, I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. What do you think? (Leave me a comment and let me know!)

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  1. I like it. Ironically, we are getting 90 degree highs (though mornings and evenings have been consistently nice and cool.


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