Saturday, September 18, 2010

Washington County Fair

As I said in my last post, I have been enjoying the Washington County Fair this week. Wednesday night I got to go hear an awesome friend play, Kristen Kelly. She is a rising star in the Texas Country Music world and really, really sweet in person to boot! For some reason, I expect "famous" people to be snotty and uppity, but Kristen is down to earth and so sweet. (Granted, I haven't met any famous people, besides Kristen, so I'm not sure where my expectations come from, but...) If you haven't heard her, check out her songs on iTunes or her better yet, her tour schedule! Check her out live. Unlike many singers, she's as good or better in person than she is on the radio!

Before Kristen came on, our group got to enjoy the WCF VIP room. Translation, you get a meal and all of the ritas and or beer you can drink. It's great for me since I'm a teacher and don't want to be seen imbibing in public... My best friend Casey managed to work several mini miracles in securing all of the passes I needed. BIG THANK YOU!!! We had a blast hanging out and thanks to my SIL for the pictures from the night!

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