Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One Year!!

Guess what?? It's officially been one year since I bought my house and it has been a crazy ride. I would love to claim that I have a fabulously witty post, but reality has set in and I'm sleepy!! I'm pooped from spending over 30+ days since the beginning of July touring the country, visiting family and friends, and starting what seems like 20 different projects and finishing not a darn one! So, tomorrow, the day after the anniversary, (isn't my future husband going to love my theory of anniversaries?) I'll post current before and after pictures showing just what a difference a year can make.

The really exciting part is that I am e-mailing you from my very own couch from my completely legal wireless internet which was hooked up on today of all days!! Wahoo!! Thanks to a combination effort of Terry and Jon, I have my own wireless network set up for cruising the world wide web. YES!!! (insert fist pump here...)

Now, going back up to the reason for my poor anniversary post in the first place, I'm headed to bed. Night!

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