Tuesday, August 10, 2010

New Favorite Website...

Okay, for those who know me personally, I have a slightly sarcastic sense of humor. As VJ says, "Is that sarcasm, Sissi???" Anyway, I get a kick out of humor that makes you think. Puns, plays on words etc. In accordance with this, I've found a new website that I love.

Now, as a disclaimer, I haven't scanned everything on the site, so you might want to not look at work, but so far I've found such gems as:

Comic Books fans:
For the Tech Fans:

For the Star Wars Fans:

In honor of the 4th Grade Teacher Addictions:

Swimmingly good fun:

Get it? (Maybe I need to seek professional help, but these are the things that make me laugh!) Enjoy surfing the site. It's pretty funny and good laugh. In fact, I'm currently "borrowing" internet from a classroom and trying to stifle my laughs because of a meeting going on in the room. I'm not wanting to attract attention for the wrong reasons, but it's not working so well. Oops!!

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