Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Not really slacking but...

Okay, I know it has been suspiciously quiet on the house blog front, but I promise I haven't been that lazy lately.  First of all, I kid-sat all weekend, so I wasn't able to get much done.  The real reason for the tardiness for everything started last Thursday with a small red spot on my face next to my left eye.  Since Sunday, the small spot, which was the same from Thursday through Sunday blossomed to my entire body, legs, upper arms, hair, and face.  When I woke up on Monday morning at 4:45, the entire left side of my face was so swollen that I couldn't open my eye.  I ended up in the ER with an idiot for a Dr.  He declared that I was having a reaction to polyurethanes and paint thinners that I'm using in my house.  Unfortunately, I don't even have any polyurethane or paint thinner in my house.  Anyway, I ended up with 2 steroid shots,Pepcid, which is also an antihistamine and orders to take Benedryl every 4 hours.  Fabulous!  I have an appointment with an allergist this afternoon in College Station, and hopefully there is a magic shot which will make me look more recognizable in the mirror.  At least better than I have been.

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