Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deals, Steals & A Little Bit of Water

Well, I strongly recommend NEVER having an allergic reaction to a tetanus shot.  (If you would care to see the pictures of the blisters, check out this link, otherwise imagine a HORRIBLE sunburn.  Thanks to this, I've been away from cleaning products, (yes, I am showering daily, brothers,) sweating, outdoors and general labor of any kind.  Can I tell you how hard it is to get anything done when you can't move?  Now, I could disobey doctors' orders and take care of business anyway, but there is this itchy rash that goes off, causing you to claw yourself to a bloody mess as soon as the temperature reaches higher than 77 degrees.  Personally, I think the rash is just a way to ensure that I'm obeying!  Anyway, all that being said, I'm finally getting back on track with the house. 

Yesterday afternoon was spent on an unintended shopping spree. I had the greatest intentions of running into the local hardware places and checking prices on trim.  Unfortunately/Fortunately Lowe's and Sutherland's both had great clearance items that I was able to get for a song.  I now have door levers for every closet, bedroom, bathroom, and entry door in my house.  The design I like is a lever handle, not the typical knob, so I had to count the number of left handed and right handed doors in the house, and then get the correct set, closet, bedroom/bathroom, keyed entry.  I had the entire "display" (they were dumped in the middle of an aisle on a pallet) taken apart and spread into piles.  I then mentally walked through the house and pretended to open each door.  I'm sure I looked quite comical to anyone watching but such is life.  I was going to go with Satin nickel, but switched to oil-rubbed bronze (think copper brown), seeing as there wasn't enough of the satin nickel (think dull silver) in left handed doors to work.  Either finish is okay with me.  I like them both and actually prefer wear shown on the oil-rubbed to the satin.  I also picked up 2 clearance ceiling fans, light switches (flat "bump-able" style,) outlets and other "fun" purchases. 

The real progress was shown this weekend when Dad and Sar re-plumbed the entire house.  Using a product called PEX and some sweat, okay, a lot of sweat, they were able to re-plumb the entire house in approximately 24 hours of work for WELL under the bid by the professional plumber.  The true feather their the cap was the compliment paid by the professionals!  My contractor, Jack, has two helpers that in their former lives were plumbers.  They admired the plumbing job and pronounced it "Done Right!"  High praise indeed, trust me. 

I'll let you know what I get accomplished, if anything, today.  Hopefully the rain will hold off just enough to allow something to get done!

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