Wednesday, April 25, 2012

No more handwashing!

While I was literally waiting for paint to dry and the air to clear, I did some shopping.  My kitchen is in sore need of a dishwasher.  Since I haven't had kids yet and am still looking for Mr. Right, I am the resident dishwasher.  With the only working sink near the kitchen being a utility sink built for people with no spine who don't mind touching their toes to wash dishes, you can imagine my distaste with the whole process. 

I've been drooling over the Kitchenaid dishwasher with the new utensil rack.  Basically it's a 3rd rack that goes above the top rack that holds silverware flat so that it can truly be cleaned.  Add to that the energy star rating and the 40 dB sound rating and I was sold!  Until I saw the $1300 price tag.  WHOA!  Nope, not gonna happen...

So, back to the waiting board I went.  (No need for a drawing board, I knew what I wanted, I just needed to wait until I could afford it.)

Enter Factory Builder's Store annual scratch and dent sale!  Score!!  They had almost the exact same dishwasher I wanted for hundreds less.  The upper back side has a small dent, but no hoses or cords were damaged and it runs without any issues.  I did have to sacrifice my dream 3rd rack, but in exchange for not having to hand wash everything?  I'll gladly take it! 

Isn't she beautiful?

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