Monday, September 26, 2011

My Other House

In my other life, I'm a teacher, there I said it, so far I'm still alive, so I guess it's okay that everyone knows what I do.  Privacy is such an iffy thing on the internet that I've tried not to come right out and say exactly what I do because of the nature of my job.  But, that's obviously in the past now, so, here are a couple of snaps, poorly taken by my phone, but I thought you might like to glimpse my other "house."

The hallway where I teach is having a theme of movies this year.  We used plastic tablecloths taped together in the middle and run through book rings to make our "red curtains."  The STAAR isn't misspelled, it's the name for our state test.  Each teacher picked a different movie theme for the "board" outside of their room.  Our bulletin boards are actually 4x8 sheets of insulation board from Lowe's.  It's light weight and ease to staple into made it a breeze for hanging and better yet, taking down to change it!  In case you are confused, my movie theme is Disney's Cars.  Yup, I copped out and picked a movie where I could get a Cricut cartridge to make it much, much easier on me.

As students advance in AR, their movie "star" will travel down the boards, hence the numbers at the bottom.

Next to the board, I have a small Christmas tree that I decorate differently each month.  (Yeah, I know, I need to get a life, but I did this before I owned my own house.)  Since they're all made now, I put them up anyway...

Inside my room, I have three main walls to "decorate."  (The 4th wall is filled with a marker board.)  I have another insulation board with an inspiration quote, custom vinyl quotes with equivalent measures and thought provoking math pictures.  In case you can't find the math, don't worry, just google Fibonacci series and Fibonacci Spiral.  I'm just warning you though, you're going to start to see math everywhere!!


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