Thursday, January 7, 2010

The unknown perils of house remodeling

Okay, I know that everyone knows about the big well known perils of remodeling a house, the accidental slice of a skin, the slamming of a finger by a hammer, the falling off a ladder and breaking a nose, but today I would like to point out those things that no one mentions…

My face!! My skin to be more exact broke out in August with the purchase of the house and STILL is a great game of connect-the-dots! In case you’re wondering, yes, I’m washing my face daily and using clean products! The point of this rant is that I’ve never seen a Lowe’s workshop or a This Old House newsletter detailing how to ensure that you face doesn’t break out after installing your new insulation. (Which I heard President Obama said was sexy?!?) I guess the next question is, Does Bob Vila also have this problem or is it just me?

You know the other thing that Home Depot is missing? Heavy duty cream for dry skin! Between the primer, paint stripper, cleaning products and concrete, my skin is dry and cracking. OUCH! I have found several things that help, one of which was a free sample of Chapped Hand relief from Bath and Body Works, and no, I’m not getting any kickbacks, I just thought someone else might like to know…

Now, on a completely practical note, a friend of a family member has graciously agreed to look at my plans for my kitchen. Now, other than timeless, a lots of storage, I have yet to have super specific ideas. What I’m looking for are things that you wish you had or had done with your kitchen? Which storage do you never use, which do you use all the time? Are there any large tools that you can’t live without? Is there any wasted space that you have a great idea for? Any parts of your kitchen that do double duty for you and work wonderfully? PLEASE send me your ideas and thoughts.

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