Monday, January 4, 2010

Quiet Happenings

It’s officially been one week since I’ve been living in my own house. No fanfare, no big deal, I just quietly moved in right after Christmas. I truly appreciate all of the offers for help moving things, but I needed to do it quietly. I’m sure Freud would have a field day with that!

Last week Jes, Dav and Jes’ brother Just came over and helped me clean out my storage room and get it ready to turn back over. I am very grateful for the help in paying for it from Aunt Gail and Uncle Bubba, but it would be quite hard for my guests to sleep in storage a couple of miles away! After 3 pick-up loads and one full Tahoe, we achieved the following results.

The chairs were my great-grandparents on the Purvis side. They were the first furniture that they had in their house. The wall color is finally the shade I was going for. I had to go back and have the original shade tinted with black to make it grayer. The other shade was too baby blue for me. This seems to be a more washedout blue, suitable for a beach house. The exact direction I was headed in. I wanted someplace you could come in and kick your feet up and play a while!

The guest bed is my bed from childhood. It has a trundle for all of the sleepovers that I’m apparently going to be hosting. (Kar and VJ have big plans already!) The trim hasn’t been painted nor the real blinds hung, but it’s looking like a fun place anyway. The wall you can’t see has some Disney cartoon cells on it and the closet

is housing some pretty fun toys. Kad had a blast playing with the train and Little People airport and declared them still good after all these years! Speaking of the closet, I’ve had to find some odd places to store things until the living room is usable for furniture. In the middle of my guest room closet currently sits a TV. It’s not hooked up but it makes for an interesting conversation piece! (Picture of TV will have to wait. File is being a pain and won't load correctly.)

The office is also slowly starting to take shape. Mom and Ter very carefully took down all of my craft stuff and for those who know, that’s a HUGE task, transported it all over to my house and reassembled it in the same place. I haven’t had a chance to sit down and work on it, but I’m looking forward to some quality crafting time. The office also holds another guest bed for older guests. (Those who are married or prefer not to sleep in the local FAO Schwartz!) It’s actually a raised Aerobed borrowed from Les and M3. Thanks Guys!!! (If anyone has an extra one of those lying around, I’ll be glad to take it off your hands. I’m still planning a road trip to pick up the bags of concrete that were offered!)

Mom came over earlier in the week to help me set up a kitchen of sorts. It’s VERY basic, but it should let me make easy items and allow me to get some veggies in, instead of just fast food. Santa brought me a two burner hot plate and that combined with a microwave from teacher’s lounge should be beginning of a fabulous Food Network career!! My stove is currently sitting on top of my dryer and Grandma’s old plant stand table is my new dining table. We’re working on moving the washer and sink into the laundry room, in an effort to make it more productive. Now, some of you might be thinking why in the world would I be moving the sink out of my kitchen, but here’s my thoughts. We clean a bunch of stuff out in the sink, paint cans, brushes, rollers, chemicals etc. Often, other people, not me of course, splash these things all over while cleaning them out. I’d really prefer to not have these items splashing all over my food, plates, utensils etc. So, the sink is headed for the laundry room. Look for more pictures later this week. Have a great week!

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