Monday, December 14, 2009


Good Evening, or Morning depending on when you read this-

I know it's been a while since I've updated and no, while I LOVE spending time with Zach, it's not his fault. As anyone who has ever done anything on their house knows, money is finite and I found that out the hard way. Anyway, money ran out, kaput, nada, zilch, zero and as any industrious young (ha!) woman would do I found a way to solve the problem. Actually, it was my mom's idea and huge helping hand that got me headed in the right direction. We decided to have a garage sale a
nd knock out several birds with one stone. While I've been relatively satisfied with my storage company, I would love to end my 7 year relationship with them soon! Anyway, I started the task of going through tubs that haven't been cracked open in years. Seriously, what was I smoking when I bought some of these things?!?!?

Jon and Felicia cleared out their old office, closets and barn and Mom emptied a couple of years of garage sale items out of the bathroom. (I know, odd place to store them, but if you rip out the tub, there is a ton of room in there.) Aside from having to give up attending my staff Christmas party, it was a great weekend and a great sale. We made almost $300, which considering the weather (cold and raining) and the fact that the Cubs were playing the state semi-finals (We WON!!) was an awesome accomplishment. It was truly a blessed
garage sale!

As soon as the sale was over and I had regained feeling in all of my extremities (did I mention it was COLD?) I headed to Sutherland's and Home Depot to purchase baseboards, crown moulding and paint. Not to worry, I did have some money left, but not much!

While I was out an about making my purchases, Mom called to let me know that a l
ady we knew had their fridge on sale on our version of Craigslist for $100. Boom, in one swift move, there went all of the rest of my money. Granted, I wanted/needed a fridge and to get one from someone that I knew and trusted was another blessing. So, after some batting of eyelashes and pleading, Dav & Jes, and Jon & Fel (Zach too, but he really didn't have an option...) agreed to give up their Sunday to help me install (and pick-up) my new purchases. After some grunting and a couple of "darns" my new black side-by-side fridge has been picked up from Old Baylor, hauled to town, lifted out of the truck and installed in my "kitchen." I use the term kitchen loosely seeing as it's currently more of a "stud room." (Now taking applications for cute guys to stand around in my "stud" room!)

We got both the office and the guestroom final coated, my bedroom door closing, high-boy drawers lined, closets and closet shelves painted and several other small jobs taken care of. Nothing spectacular or obvious, but all jobs that had to be taken care before I can move the furniture out of storage or I can move into the house.

Now all I need to do is get the floor stained, trim sanded and painted, doors stripped and installed (love liquid sander!) floor second coated, furniture moved and placed, door framed out, and a couple of other things. So, is anyone else exhausted by that list???? Speaking of exhausted, I have to meet Zach and his mom and dad at Burton High at 7:15. I better start getting ready to head to bed or I'll never be on time! Yeah I know, rarely am I on time, but I still put forth the effort to try! If you're in education, have a great rest of your week, remember just 4 more days! If not, just remember that it's almost Christmas! Fun with family and friends and a legitimate reason to stuff your face beyond reason with fabulous food! Have a great holiday!!

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