Monday, November 30, 2009

One Small Step for Me

Okay, after much work, sweat, tears and a bit of blood, there is finally furniture in the house! My bedroom, except for more pretty things, a chair and a bookcase, is finished. Now, that doesn't include the closet. It's still in progress, but it's getting closer everyday. I have a couple more pieces to the ClosetMaid Selectives kit to assemble and some doors to finish painting and install. Installing those should be quite fun. Ugh. I'm quickly discovering my least favorite jobs. Hanging doors ranks right up there under painting ceilings! Don't get me wrong, the gray hair look is fine, but spotted gray gets old really quick. Hanging doors goes great until you go to close them and discover that all of the sudden they don't close anymore! I would love to blame the thickness of the paint, but since I don't know if the door ever closed, I can't prove it. I attached some pictures of all of the hard work. I also included pictures of the "before" in case you've forgotten just how bad it really was. Stay tuned for more updates, hopefully soon!

Master Bathroom Before
Master Bathroom After

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom After

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