Sunday, February 12, 2012


Once upon a time, I dreamed of getting a kitchen.  What seemed like a dream, so far away and completely unreachable, has now become something that is very, very attainable.  If you recall, one of the first things I did lo those many days ago was let my friends and family go at the original kitchen with sledges.  The pictures shown here were actually shot before I owned the home.  (Yeah, I know, I was CRAZY to purchase it in the condition I did, but being sane has never been something I've been accused of!

Nothing, nadda, zip, zilch worked in the kitchen so I didn't feel bad about tearing it down.  The cabinets were also built in place, so they couldn't be taken down and donated.  They were also so soaked with grease, animal urine, and nicotine, no one would want them.  So, for 2 years and 4 months, my kitchen has stayed that way and I have faithfully cooked on a double hot plate, when not mooching food from family. 

You have seen my preparations for a "real" kitchen, plans being drawn up, watching the walls go up, and the lights installed.  In order to even plan for cabinets, I had to know approximately which appliances I wanted to that we could make allowances for them.  I decided that I should follow my words and go with my dream range & hood set.  Add to that the changes in the plans for the kitchen and that translated into wanted to hang a 100 pound vent hood over a pocket door to the laundry room.  (Yeah, so happy I'm working with family as opposed to a true contractor who would have long ago given up on whims convictions.)  Thankfully, the hood is well secured to the wall and if/when you have more time, I'll tell you about it, but not today!

So, after searching what seemed to be most of Texas for the best deal on my combination, I found it at the local appliance store.  Huge shout-out to them!  Yay Buddy's!

Once the hood was here, installation was a breeze!  Ha!  Actually it wasn't bad, and not only because I didn't have to help lift it! 

It had a cleat for hanging and allowed you to get the hood up and in place before securing it to the wall.  So, while it was heavy, the weight didn't have to be supported too long before a break. 

Shortly after the hood was hung, the crown attached and the rest of the walls painted, I received a delivery!

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