Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Slight Interruption...

Well, for those of you not involved in the Texas Public School system, this week is TAKS week, which is our big honkin' deal state test, and my current excuse for not getting much done around the house. After school is spent unwinding with good company at a local Mexican restaurant. Now, before you start thinking we're a bunch of imbibers, we're not. Our cheese (queso) bill always outnumbers our alcohol bill 2-1, which is actually pretty pitiful but hey, they make a mean queso.

Again, I'm off topic, back to the house. Monday was a non-testing day, so I did have to do something around the house. When I made it home after running a couple of errands, I discovered that the crew had half of the front completely bare! That made me get my rear up there while it was light and pull more insulation. This time I was appropriately attired with knee pads to protect my black and blue knees. While the pads were great and much more comfortable, I could no longer feel the joist's location with my knees which made for some harrowing positioning at times. At least with my contortions I was able to amuse the guys putting on the roof. I'm pretty sure they were talking about me in Spanish, which is fine. I would have been talking about me too had I been able to see me!

I didn't get any of the insulation bagged but I did get it all pulled up the to center joist and out of the eaves for half the house. I figured the mess would be easier to deal with in the tallest part of the roof. I knew I'd only have the great lighting from no roof for a short time and wanted to get those tight dark spaces pulled clean while I could see them.
For a while, we toyed with the idea of just laying new insulation over the old since technically fiberglass doesn't go bad. What fiberglass does go is nasty and mine was definitely there. This stuff is so full of poop (please excuse my French, but if I have to know, so do you,) that there is no way I'd leave it up there. The only consolation I have is that hopefully whatever animal used my attic as a restroom has a truly itchy rear from going on the fiberglass. So if you see a raccoon or a cat with an itch in my neighborhood, you know what they've been up to!!
Monday night we apparently had a heck of a storm blow through Brenham/Washington County, but I was asleep with Zach and missed it all. My roof suffered no damage that I can/could tell, so I guess that's good since part of it was only covered with plastic. What a aware homeowner I am. Oops..

Tuesday after the Mexican restaurant, I arrived home to discover that the roofing crew was almost done. I am so impressed with them and the great job they've done. The mess and amount of stuff that they'd had to deal with has been huge and each time they are so pleasant and polite. They are also extremely fast this week. I'm hoping that when I get home today I will find a completed brand-new metal roof on my house. I'll let you know!

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